Edinburgh, Scotland

Consultation opens on possible ‘tourist tax’ for those visiting Edinburgh

A “tourist tax” for visitors to Edinburgh is under consultation. The proposal suggests £2 per night for a room, capped at 7 nights. Something Paris and Barcelona already do.

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Little Longstone Flower Festival

Little Longstone Well Dressing & Flower Festival

It’s that time of year again at Little Longstone near Bakewell, Derbysire, with sterling work from all involved. Both the Well Dressing and Flower Festival will run until 21st July. Refreshments available at the chapel where the Flower Festival is held. Donations welcome. See more >>

Bakewell Carnival

Bakewell Carnival

If the football’s not a priority for you this Saturday then Bakewell Carnival is always a fun event.

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MPs call for social care tax for over-40s

“The Parliamentary committees said individuals and employers should pay a new contribution into a dedicated fund, set aside to help pay for the growing demand for adult social care and implement funding reforms.”

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Workplace Stress

According to recent research by the British Nutrition Foundation, almost half of the people surveyed admitted that busy work schedules and the related stress is stopping them from eating healthily.

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